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Write Better

(InterVarsity Press)


"In this primer on nonfiction writing, Andrew Le Peau offers insights he has learned as a published author and an editor for over forty years."


Author: Andrew T. Le Peau

Genre: Writing Reference

Reader Appeal: Ages 16 and up


You have to worry just a little bit when your editor gives you a book titled, Write Better, and says, “I want you to read this. The sooner you can work it into your schedule, the better.”


Fortunately, that was good advice, because Andrew Le Peau authored the book my editor gave me. Le Peau is articulate, knowledgeable, and most of all, helpful. In Write Better, the author sets out to make seasoned writers better, and new writers more confident—and he’s succeeded. From the opening, “Beginnings Matter” to the closing, “We Remember Endings First” Le Peau walks us, step by step, through the art of writing nonfiction. Along the way we see ourselves and all our doubts, we see how writing affects our relationship with God, and we see that we can become better at what God has called us to do.


Write Better is split into three sections. Part One is the craft of writing which covers beginnings, endings, characters and titles, and more. Part Two is about the art of writing. Here the author touches on subjects like metaphors, creativity, and tone. Part three is where Le Peau shines best, writing about calling, courage and self-discovery. Also included are appendices on what to do next to publish, and information about editors and agents.


This a reference book for sure. It’s also engaging and funny, which is the opposite of most guide books like this. If you’re a writer, know a writer, or want to be a writer,  then this book is invaluable. If you’re like me and you just like to have access to good books about writing well, then by all means this book is for you. Write Better is easily recommended.


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this book:


• Why did you decide to read Write Better? Explain.

• What are three things you most want to remember from Andrew Le Peau after reading his book?

• What are you going to do next with the insights Le Peau shared with you? Make a list of goals.




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