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To Hell with the Hustle

(Nelson Books)


Is it really possible to stop trying to do everything?


Author: Jefferson Bethke

Genre: Christian Living

Reader Appeal: Christian Women


Saying we live in a fast-paced world is like saying my dog thinks she’s queen of the universe. Trust me on this. Both statements are true—but both things can also be stopped. We as humans control the pace of our lives, and my dog…well, we’re working on that.


As Christians we’re often pulled into, or guilted into, busyness. Walk down any Christian book aisle and you can feel the weight of the titles. We want to live our best life, but at what cost? And who dictates what that life looks like? We want to chase our dreams, but meanwhile what do we leave behind in the pursuit? We want to serve the Lord in big ways, but what about the small ways?


In To Hell with the Hustle, Jefferson Bethke sweeps all that guilt into the trash where it belongs, and provides not only biblical truth bombs, but practical ways we can slow down, say no, and focus on what should be our focus: Seeking God and what He has for us.


The ideas in To Hell with the Hustle  are like a cool drink of water on a hot day; good for the body, but good for the soul as well. Enjoy at risk of having a better life.


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this book:


• What do you think keeping the sabbath means?


• The author talks about the things that are important in his life being like rocks in a container. What are some of your rock’s names? Are there some rocks that need to be removed? How would you do that?


• What's the longest you’ve been away from social media? How did it go? Would you do it again?




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