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The Sacred Enneagram



An in-depth look at the Enneagram, from a spiritual-growth perspective.


Author: Christopher L. Heuertz

Genre: Personality / Spiritual Growth

Reader Appeal: Women


If you haven’t heard of an Enneagram this book is not for you. The author writes to readers who already are familiar with their number and are looking to deepen their knowledge. Simply put, it is a personality test. Not so simply put, it is a regular geometric figure with nine points: the figure inscribed within a regular nine-sided polygon. (Merriam-Webster dictionary).


I’m not going to start a fight about whether the Enneagram is Christian or not. God gave us discernment to use, I would suggest doing so for yourself.


I like taking personality tests. I think they’re interesting and a little fun. I like seeing the patterns in the questions and even trying to find the most meaningful question. I’ve taken the Meyers-Briggs, considered to be the standard. I’ve also taken the “What Disney Princess are you?” The Enneagram online tests are easy to find and only take a few minutes to take. After finishing the test, you are assigned your number and a list of attributes. That’s where this book begins.


The author goes into some of the history of the Enneagram, how it’s changed over the years, how it’s been used and abused and how a person can use it to deepen their spiritual journey.

The Sacred Enneagram is a deep dive into the different personalities that make up the Enneagram.


This book is not for the casual personality quiz taker like me. But I’m a Belle and I like to read and learn.

Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this book:


• Do you think an Enneagram has significant bearing on your spiritual growth? Why or why not? 

• Do you pray a certain way because your number says you should? Or do you pray the way you do because you are your number? Explain.

• What Disney Princess are you?




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