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Star Wars Super Graphic

(Chronicle Books)


A treat for Star Wars fans.


Author: Tim Leong

Genre: Entertainment and art

Reader Appeal: All Ages                   



There are not enough adjectives to describe the delight this book brings me. Its lists, charts graphs are all wrapped up in the beautiful bow that is graphic art. Tim Leong has produced a nerd trifecta, Star Wars, stats and design.

This is the second super graphic Tim has created, the first is the Comic Book Universe, which is now on my wish list. But back to Star Wars. Want to see a map of the far far away galaxy? Page ten. How about the rebel ships that survived the battle of Yavin? Page 66. Maybe quotes are more to your liking? Every question that Luke asked is page 22. Yes, Nerds rejoice, we’ve got weird questions and Tim has answers.

What strikes me is how pleasing the book is to read. The colors are saturated throughout every page. Not many people can make a graph concerning the time it took certain characters to reveal who they really were. (1:20:38 for Kylo Ren) Leong has done it.

This book has made me wonder what my life would look like it graphs. For example, how many times did I clap my hands during the 2015-2016 NFL season? How many miles have I run? I’ll be working on my own graphic book this week. How many lies did I tell in this review? (one)

This is a book that might make you smarter and will definitely make you happy.

Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this book:


• Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Why?


• This week make your own graph or list. A family tree or rank your favorite movies.


• There is a list of what is included on a Stormtroopers utility belt. What would be on your utility belt?




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