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Mighty Mouse #4

(Dynamite Entertainment)


Mighty Mouse versus aliens...what more could you ask for?


Creators: Sholly Fisch, Igor Lima

Genre: Superhero

Reader Appeal: Ages 8 and up

Publishing Rating: A (appropriate for all ages)


Coming off of last month’s mature comic, I wanted to find a something that was appropriate for all ages this time around. After digging around the comic book store, I came across Mighty Mouse. I don’t actually recall watching any Mighty Mouse episodes, but I do remember screaming “Here I come to save the day!” as I ran through the house. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to pick up an issue.


I adored this comic. Why? Because it works on two levels: one that a kid will love and one that a parent will find incredibly clever. It kept me interested throughout each page and  it was chuckling from beginning to end. Overall, I was impressed in a way that I haven’t been in months.


Mighty Mouse is trapped in our world, and the aliens who were invading Mouseville are now invading us, too! Mighty Mouse is the only one who is able to stop the feline fiends. But it’s too much for him to handle on his own. Who will come to the rescue when one mouse isn’t strong enough to save the entire planet?


I was astounded by how meta this comic was. My absolute favorite line comes after a ridiculous amount of feline aliens pile out of a space ship. “How do they fit in there? It’s like a clown car!” “Or a cartoon…” one character responds. I just adore how the citizens of the world, unfamiliar with MM, question the ability of a mouse to save the planet. It’s like every question you’ve ever had about Mighty Mouse is wittily address by the creators.


One of the wittiest things about this comic was the artwork. The “real world” was illustrated in such a serious and intense way. It felt like adulthood was captured in a comic book. With one exception: Mighty Mouse and the feline invaders are drawn with childlike whimsy. It’s the perfect nod to encourage adults to believe the unbelievable.


The only thing I didn’t like was the massive cliffhanger! Now to be fair, I know that was completely intentional and well planned by the authors, but I really don’t like having to wait to find out if Mighty Mouse is able to save our world!


Parents--I would absolutely recommend reading this comic with your kids! You’ll be entertained by the humor while the kids are enthralled in the action of the story. It’s just a really fun story that the whole family can enjoy together, and that’s a rare treat nowadays.


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this comic book:


• Joey has a big secret that’s impacting the entire city. What would you do if you were Joey?

• How would you defeat the feline attackers? 

• If you had to pick one animal to be a superhero, which animal would it be?



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