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In 2029, an aging Wolverine and a sickly Professor X are the last of the X-Men superheroes and must attempt to help a young mutant escape to Canada.


Rated R, for strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity.

Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Viewer Appeal: Teens; Adults


For the past few years we've gotten used to our superhero movies (which I could list, but it would be a long list between Marvel and DC both getting into the movie making business), always looking forward to the next one we can enjoy with our kids. Logan isn't one of those movies. 


Set in 2029, we find Logan (Hugh Jackman) working as a limousine chauffeur along the U.S/Mexico border. He's weathered, tired, and a bit of an alcoholic. If you've ever wondered how a superhero ages, this movie will answer that question. Not well. Logan can still put up a good fight, but he tries to avoid those he can and takes a beating when he can't. His soul is as tired as his body, and if it wasn't for caring for aging and ill Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Logan would probably use his one and only adamantium bullet to end his life.


These days, there aren't very many mutants left for Charles or Logan to band together with and defend the world. There aren't any more being born, and apparently all others have died. Logan keeps Charles hidden across the border, where he can give him the medication he needs without suspicion. And it all seems to be working just fine, until he meets Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) and her daughter, Laura (Dafne Keen) who are running from people trying to kill them. Gabriela knows Logan is Wolverine, and says he's the only one who can help them get to the Canadian border. Logan's not interested in getting caught up in the drama, and he can't very well leave Professor X, so he initially declines...until Gabriela offers him $50,000. That kind of money could take care of Professor X for quite a while.


By the time Logan gets back to pick up Gabriela and Laura, it's too late. He finds Gabriela dead and Laura nowhere to be found. While searching the room for money, he finds Gabriela's phone, which comes in handy later.


When he gets back to his hideout with Professor X, Logan discovers Laura, who had been hiding in the trunk of his limo. Professor X insists she's a mutant, but Logan thinks this is more of the Professor's rantings. Until an army of men show up for Laura, and she grows wolverine claws and starts killing them off. Suddenly Logan has a purpose, and while he's not happy about it, he realizes that he has to protect this little girl, which leads him, Professor X, and Laura on a violent, crazy journey.


Hugh Jackman is as versatile an actor as they come, having played Wolverine, sung his way through Les Miserables, and been the voices on several animated movies. He shines in Logan, as an aging and tired man (remember, he was born in the 1800's) who is ready to die. The killing he's done haunts him, and he just wants to be left alone. The overall tone of the movie comes from Logan himself. It's dark and intense, full of anger and violence. He is not a man at peace, and the movie leads the viewer through a minefield of angst. Again, this movie is not like other superhero movies. The violence is bloody and graphic, where the audience watches men's heads being cut off, Wolverine's claws being thrust through numerous heads, and blood spraying everywhere. In other words, it's not an automatic “family” movie.


I don't think this is the best X-Men movie ever. I didn't walk away talking about the great fight scenes and comic moments provided as relief from the tension, but it is a movie you won't forget.


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• How did Laura help Logan find peace?


• Logan and Professor X have a dream of buying a boat and living on the ocean where no one will disturb them. What is your dream that motivates you in the present?


• While in the Munson home, Professor X makes a comment about not deserving to have this one night of peace, and feeling of home. After creating a home for children others had cast off and spending a lifetime defending them, why do you think he would feel this way?



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