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EDEN: A Skillet Graphic Novel

(Z2 Comics)


In this "graphic album” format of a comic-book allegory, four friends fight to save their home from evil. 











Creators: John Cooper, Random Shock

Genre: Religion & Spirituality; Graphic Novels

Reader Appeal: Young adult to Adult

Publisher Rating: N/A


I’m always one to make confession of ignorance so here’s one; I was unfamiliar with the band Skillet, and their lead singer, John Cooper. So, I didn't know what to think when my editor handed me a copy of Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel, and said, "Here, I want you to review this.". After reading Cooper's story, I became intrigued and Youtubed the band. I will say that knowing who they are makes reading this allegorical comic more enjoyable. Here's what happens in Eden:


Husband and wife John and Korey are having the same dream about a lilac door. This dream not only disrupts their sleep but it has turned their eyes the same color as the door. They only want to live a simple life, raising children, taking care of a household and protecting their small town from beasts that dine on humans.        


An opportunity for all their questions about the door comes in the form of a group of other lilac-eyed people, but John is wary of the leader. He and Korey make the decision to stay. That’s when things go bad for the town.


John and Korey begin the adventure to save their town, to have some questions answered, and do a little soul searching along the way. They connect with Jen and Seth, and the four of them dive into what will be death or life. There are battles to be fought and discoveries to be made, and a resolution that's both satisfying and thought-provoking.


Powered by dark, sometimes intense imagery from Random Shock, this is a Pilgrim's Progress-style, symbolic story of faith that should find its place among the teens in your home. Expect it to be passed around among their friends too.


This short story also offers plenty of opportunities for discussions about fear, love, friendship, neighbors, heaven, death, false prophets and so much more. But it’s the friendship of John, Korey, Jen and Seth that spoke the loudest. Four very different people become warriors who literally fight for one another. I’m sure there will be other adventures for these four, but for now I think I’ll just go download their latest album.

Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this comic book:


•What did you dream about last night? Describe it.

• Do you typically remember your dreams? Are there any that you think may have some kind of special meaning something? Explain.

• What would you like to say the creators of Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel? Send it to them in an email at:



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