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Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible


In here you'll find the complete Bible text along with hundreds of cultural and historical notes that bring to life the ancient world of Scripture.


Author: John H. Walton and Craig S. Keener

Genre: Study Bibles

Reader Appeal: Teens; Mature Teens; Adults


You don’t have to be a Bible Study Nerd (like me) to appreciate all that the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible has to offer…but it helps. There’s so much cool information packed into this one volume, it’s no surprise that it was named the “Bible of the Year” at the 2017 Christian Book Awards.


For starters, this study Bible was created by two of the finest theologians of our day, Craig S. Keener (professor of the New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary) and John H. Walton (professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College). These two guys have literally spent their lives studying the Bible—and it shows in all of their writings.


As for the content of the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, there’s a wealth of material for both the casual and the serious student of Scripture. The complete Bible text of the Old and New Testaments is included here (available in either NIV or NKJV). Additionally, each Bible book begins with a summary of its geographic setting, historical setting, and key concepts found in its chapters. Within the text are complete cross-reference notes, footnotes with additional insights, and (best of all), periodic sidebars/callouts that discuss in-depth textual issues within historical and cultural contexts. You could just flip through this Bible and read these alone and still find more than enough to satisfy your curiosity and answer questions you never even thought to ask. “Numbers in Numbers” anyone? Or are you ready to find out the facts about “Shalmaneser”? Maybe you’re curious about “Scrolls in the Ancient World” or “Herod the Great” or “Peter’s House in Capernaum” or the history behind the “Qumran and the New Testament” or “Poverty and Revolt in Judea” or…well, you get the idea.


This Bible also features full color photos and illustrations, as well as dozens of helpful charts and maps and more. Safe to say, you could keep this by your bedside for years and still find new, interesting subjects for personal or group study to keep you coming back.


The Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible is an exciting new addition to Christian literature in the 21st Century, and easily recommended. We’d suggest that both teens and adults will enjoy discovering more about faith through personal studies this book. It will also be a fine reference for family devotions, small group Bible studies, friend-to-friend study groups, seminary studies, and teaching ministries in your local church.


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this book:


• What’s your first impression of the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible? Explain.

• With so many different Bibles in print today, do you think this study Bible was really needed? Defend your answer.

• Why do you think it could be important to study the Bible with its ancient history and culture in mind? What difference would that really make for you today?



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