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Bill Nye Saves the World



Bill takes on climate change, discussing the causes or global warming and what we can do to limit our impact.


Starring: Bill Nye

Genre: Talk Show

Series Summary: Scientist turned TV star Bill Nye interviews experts and hosts celebrity guests to explore modern day scientific issues.

Show Title: Earth is a Hot Mess


Viewer Appeal: Teens, Adults


When I was in elementary school, I had a dream to become the next Bill Nye the Science Guy. I mean, what’s cooler than inspiring kids to love science?! Nothing—that’s what! But like me, the kids who watched Bill Nye in school are now making their way through the world as adults. I’m sure I’m not the only millennial who was filled with equal parts nostalgia and excitement when Netflix announced its release of Bill Nye Saves the World.


But sadly, I don’t think there’s a word strong enough to summarize how disappointed I am by this series. It’s an awkward stage performance rather than intellectual science-based discussion. Honestly, this show is a waste of my time.


Bill Nye launches his newest endeavor of science television by tackling the issue of global warming. There’s a lot packed into this thirty minute show. Bill Nye does a few simple science experiments. Correspondent/scientist/fashion model, Karlie Kloss, does some reporting about how rising water is impacting Venice, Italy. Bill interviews a panel of scientists to discuss their view of climate change. Most surprising, though, is when Zach Braff, best known for his role as JD on Scrubs, gets up to argue the importance of this topic. I guess playing a doctor on TV gives you the ability to be an authority in the science community.


In theory this show is a good idea. There’s a ton of science related topics that we, as a general population, could benefit from better understanding. Think: global warming, alternative remedies to medicine, and artificial intelligence.


Unfortunately, the theory of this show didn’t play out well on the screen. First, this self-proclaimed science-based talk show for adults covers about a sixth-grade science curriculum. Also Bill, the once fun-loving science guy, just seems like a bitter old man now. His unscripted talent is weak, and he comes off as whiney, self-centered scientist whose only purpose for being on TV is to simultaneously feed his ego while pushing his political agenda.


Parents: Do kids still watch Bill Nye the Science Guy in school? If not, there’s a strong chance your kids won’t even be interested in watching this show. If you’re trying to encourage your kids to love science, skip this show and pick something of educational value.


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this TV show:


• What’s one side-effect of global warming that would drastically change your life?

• How can we as a family reduce our environmental impact?

• What science topics are you interested in learning more about?



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