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Archie #26

(Archie Comic Publications, Inc.)


Relationships are shaken up at Riverdale High following Betty Cooper’s life-altering injury..


Creators: Mark Waid, Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli

Genre: Humor, Romance

Reader Appeal: Teens

Publisher Rating: Teen


Archie and Jughead are one of those iconic America duos that conjure images a time where you’d ride your bike to the local comic store and buy the latest issue and some bubble gum for a quarter. My desires to reminisce in yesteryear propelled me to catch up with Archie and the gang and see what’s been going on in Riverdale High.


Tossed into the middle of high school drama the second the reader opens the page, this comic is non-stop “he said, she said.” The amount of unspoken feelings between characters quickly reminds many people of the hormone-ladened years of high-school. It’s pleasant, for a change, being along for the ride, instead of being left in the friend-zone.


Betty Cooper’s accident impacts everyone in Riverdale, including Archie. Despite Mr. Cooper’s hatred of him, Archie and Betty are growing closer together, deepening their relationship. Leaving Veronica, Archie’s girlfriend, questioning where their relationship stands.


The realism of the characters in Archie is noteworthy. It’s one of the few comics where parents seem to be involved in their kids’ lives, which is unique in a world where most comic characters mysteriously don’t have parents. The high school students are incredibly authentic as well, with lying, rebellion, gossip, and relationship drama.


The art produced by Audrey Mok is crisp, and the backgrounds are detailed but not overwhelming. Kelly Fitzpatrick’s colors are vibrant without being too busy. The flow of this comic is smooth, and impeccably conveys the emotion of the high school drama is through its art.


If the reader doesn’t know what to expect with Archie, he may be left wanting more. While the depth of the plotline is appreciated, there’s room to expand the type of content past the teenage soap opera situations.


Parents--this comic is chock full of teen drama. But as far as high school relationship drama goes, this issue is very mild. Plus you don’t have to worry about language, nudity, or sexual content. All that aside, this comic isn't recommended for anyone under the age of 13. 


Let's Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this comic book:


• If you overheard your boyfriend talking secretively to another girl, what would you do?

• Put yourself in Archie’s shoes. What do you think he should do? Stay with his girlfriend Veronica or break up with Ronnie for Betty?

• Betty was in an accident that changed her life. What has had the most significant impact on your life?



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